Payments & Billing

Discover where to find your billing receipts, payment history, and learn about payment issues here.

  • You can find your billing receipt after purchasing.

    Check your email to find your billing receipt.

You can trace your payment history.

  • Go to ‘Profile’ on the top right of homepage.

    Profile Dropdown Menu
  • Select ‘Settings’.

    Menu Settings
  • Move Tab to ‘Plan’.

    Tab Plan
  • You can check your payment history on Billing and Invoicing.

There are 8 causes of declined payment, including:

  • Generic decline

  • Insufficient funds decline

  • Lost card decline

  • Stolen card decline

  • Expired card decline

  • Incorrect CVC decline

  • Processing error decline

  • Incorrect number decline

Add card data correctly or follow the instructions for solution.