Jaybod’s workgroup feature offers a centralized platform that enables you to securely store files, enhance teamwork, and improve productivity.

The fact

8 in 10 decision-makers said reducing data and information silos is a top priority for their organizations.
Disparate apps, data, and spreadsheet sprawl are the main culprits,hindering teams across the organization given their sheer volume.

According to The Crisis Of Fractured Organizations report by Forrester Consulting

Do it all together in a workgroup

A workgroup is where you and your teammates collaborate on managing files. It’s a centralized platform that streamlines collaboration and improves productivity. Jaybod's collaboration workgroups provide dedicated spaces for people to collaborate.

Keep files organized for quick access

Effortlessly manage your files with Jaybod! From creating new folders to seamlessly uploading, copying, moving, or renaming files — our intuitive platform lets you organize with precision. Ensure your team accesses the right files swiftly and accurately.

Save time with resumable upload

No need to worry about slow internet connections, our technology ensures seamless uploading of large files. Even if your connection drops, pick up right where you left off without restarting the upload process.

Share and distribute files instantly

Share files through links or within your workgroup with ease. Collaborate seamlessly by moving, editing, and syncing files in real-time with your teammates. Boost your workflow speed!

Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to a new era of collaboration

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