Jaybod's robust security features, including encryption and strict access controls, prioritize the protection of user data and ensure a secure collaborative environment.

The fact

Over the last five years, the Internet Crime Complaint Centre has received an average of 652,000 complaints per year. These complaints address a wide array of internet scams affecting victims across the globe.When attackers have unauthorised access to collaborative tools, workplace apps, and email accounts, they are in a prime position to intercept sensitive information, send malicious messages, or use the account to launch further attacks.

According to Internet crime report 2022 report
by Internet Crime Complaint Centre

Enhance account security with 2FA

Elevate your security with Jaybod's Two Factor Authentication (2FA) feature, your ultimate defense against account theft and cyber threats. Safeguard your files in our fortified storage, backed by our support with a secure backup code. Your account's protection, our commitment.

Protect files with encryption

Encryption is a technical process in which information is transformed into a secret code, so that others cannot read the encrypted data. This prevents others from accessing confidential documents, as only the password owner can unlock and read the encrypted data.

Secure access permissions

Control who can access your files and protect your sensitive files with user role settings in workgroups. Gain meticulous control over user roles and permissions, allowing for precision in access management.

Safe file sharing

Worried about losing control over who sees your emails? Concerned about attachments being shared freely or carrying viruses? Shift to link-sharing or collaborate securely with Jaybod's workgroup. Elevate your security and collaboration game.

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