A secure cloud
storage for you to

Organize files easily, share documents & boost collaboration, and keep assets secure with encryption.

Collaboration in Workgroup

Manage files
as easy as it can be

From docs to presentations. From photos to videos.
And many other files. We’ ve got you covered.

file sharing
  • files organizing Organize your files

    Create new folders, upload, copy, move or rename any files easily.

  • sharing access Share and distribute faster

    Share files privately via email link or publicly via URL.

  • dynamic access Access from anywhere

    Access files instantly wherever you are, at any time possible.

Do it all together
on workgroup

Workgroup is where you and your teammates
work together on managing files.

  • invite participants Invite participants

    Invite your teammates, clients, or anyone
    you want into the workgroup.

  • realtime collaboration Collaborate seamlessly

    Move, edit, and sync files together
    with teammates in real-time.

  • using chat for collaboration Communicate effectively

    Start a conversation in team chat and share
    information in real-time.

invite your team

Your security,
our priority

We help you protect your files with high-level security,
ensuring the safety of your data and information.

  • lamp Zero-knowledge encryption

    No one except you can know and access the
    files you encrypt.

  • trash Bring back deleted assets

    Accidentally deleted an file? Just restore it
    from the Trash folder easily.

  • scalable Scalable storage space

    Store files without fear of running out of
    space on storage you can scale up.

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